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For all D700 dental sets it is possible to install up to 5 tips.

It is possible to install the Persus Led reflector on any chair in the D700 Line.

The proximity sensor, optional on the D700 line, is located in the cup holder for better sensitivity. As the patient approaches, the water from the spittoon is activated for 10 seconds..

Our ultrasound is ceramic-piezoelectric operating at 30,000 vibrations per second (30,000 Hz) on the vertical plane.

Yes, it is intended for endodontic procedures such as cleaning of root canals, removal of fractured files, removal of prosthetic cores and condensation of gutta percha (when used with the water off, the insert increases the heat greatly and helps in the cutting of plume and condensation of filling material; the product can be used in the described manner for 4 minutes and then it needs to be turned off for at least 8 minutes before the next use).

They are male-type coupling. Dental Ultrasounds are supplied with 3 inserts/tips, 1 supra and 2 sub periodontal.

High Rotation reach an angular speed of 335,000 rpm and 0.18N.cm torque. The pneumatic micromotor (Low rotation) operates in up to 20,000 rpm and 1,0N.cm torque.

Warranty for standalone hand pieces or in the academic kit is 6 months.

Yes, our X-Rays have automatic voltage selection, working in both 127v and 220v

The D700 offers 2 models to meet your needs, the mobile column and the wall

The D700 X-Rays have 70 KVp

12 months. The line of hand parts (high rotation, pneumatic micromotor, straight and contra-angle parts) and the upholstery of the chairs have a 6-month warranty and the dental inserts (Tips) that are loose or not have a 3-month warranty.