D700 is a Brazilian brand of dental equipment, which offers efficient solutions for the day-to-day use of dental clinics.

With a wide range of essential equipment for dentists’ routine, the D700 stands out for delivering quality and reliability

With a consolidated tradition in the market, D700 has in its DNA the search for customer satisfaction. Therefore, the brand is dedicated to developing and producing equipment that meets the needs of the dental sector with efficiency and practicality.

Take the first step. D700.

Our manufacturing has a very advanced level of automation, counting on laser-cutting machines, welding robots and automated painting.

We have an extremely verticalized production, i.e., we manufacture over 80% of all components we use in our products and, of course, the entire process of assembly, testing and validation is performed at our plant.

In addition to our internal management, we developed partnerships with companies, also with the highest production capabilities, counting on suppliers from the US, Europe and Asia.

Our industrial plant is certified by the regulatory agencies that allow us to serve markets worldwide, such as ISO, ANVISA, ANATEL, INMETRO, CE and UL.

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