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Autoclave 12L

Safe, fast and accurate sterilization of instruments in the dental office

Autoclave 12L

The D700 Autoclave offers safe, fast and accurate sterilization of dental instruments. It is developed in more resistant materials, with long durability, and has several mechanisms to ensure efficiency and safety throughout the sterilization process. The equipment is easy to operate and it is available in 12 and 21 liter models.


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  • Water consumption
  • Chamber Diameter
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Protection Fuses
  • Operation mode
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight

  • Power

  • Sterilization Pressure
    1,7 kgf/cm2 ± 0,4 (1,3 a 2,1kgf/cm2)
  • Chamber depth

  • Electric shock protection
    Class I Equipment - Type B Applied Part
  • Protection against harmful penetration of water / particulate matter
  • Operating Temperature
    128 °C ± 5 (123 a 133 °C)
  • Full cycle time
    60 minutes - value given approximately, subject to variations, due to the type and volume of material, fluctuations in the network, etc.
  • Effective sterilization time
    16 minutes
  • Supply voltage
    127 / 220 V~ (Bivolt)
  • Pressure gauge variation tolerance
    Divide the manometer scale into three equal parts. For the first part the tolerance is: 3%, second part: 2%, third part: 3%
  • Volume
    12 liters

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Product: Autoclave 12L